Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prezi vs Power Point

Recently I felt an urge to find a poem that I read years ago, and I could not find the poem myself. Being a needy individual, I immediately proceeded to whine to all of my friends about the situation. One friend sent me a link to a copy of the poem, which was on a Prezi made by a student for an English class. I recently discovered Prezi, and have yet to truly mess around with it for presentations for classes. Prezi has not grown to be as widely used as PowerPoints, but for those of you who do not know-- Prezi remains a website very similar to PowerPoint. Many people adulate Prezi for various reasons, and I am sure I will come back later to worship this website, but now I need to point out some negatives with the site.

Since Prezi remains a website as opposed to a computer program, one requires access to the internet to use this for presentations. This may seem like a minor flaw, due to the fact that wi-fi connections are available in more and more places now. Unfortunately, I think I speak for most students when I say that I cannot rely on SRU's internet. I have consistently run into issues with SRU's internet at the library, and dealing with the lag puts daydreams of drilling holes into my head with a power drill from Home Depot. This issue causes me to avoid using Prezi for presentations at SRU, for I know that my computer works. And I trust most of the school's computers to work, even if the internet is lack luster.

Regardless of my personal issues with Prezi, it would be great to incorporate in a lesson, especially for students who do not own Microsoft Office.

The Jesse Jennings

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  1. I think it is very beneficial to find programs that 1. you don't have to download and 2. are available on any computer (with internet access). It is a lot easier to work on a project via any computer rather than having to transfer files from one computer to the next with worries that the program will not work on another computer. This is one reason why I like the use of Google docs for students because they do not have to worry about purchasing/downloading a certain version of Microsoft Word or other program. Also, they can begin a document at school and finish at home or on any other computer with internet access.