Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Moods

So today I was researching in class today, but I found it to be a terribly frustrating classroom utility. All I was beginning to get frustrated after experimenting with the tool, and I started thinking of the usual things that cheer me up-- craft beer, ponies, poetry, and rain. Who does not love curling up next to a window on a rainy day with a nice book? So I started making connections in my head with a few random ideas. And I began to realize that would be an excellent classroom tool.

Now this site may have a depressing title, but it remains extremely simple. All the site does is play relaxing rain noises in the background, emulating a rainy day. I would use this in the classroom to indicate that it is time for the students to complete some type of assignment individually-- this could be used for silent sustained reading in class or anything similar to this. The noises that makes do not tend to be as extreme as some songs that I have seen teachers play, while I study. I recollect listening to a great deal of Juanes when I took Spanish courses in high school. Using such a site repeatedly ought to condition the students to focus on individual work when the rain sounds are playing. I know it may be a simple tool, but I know I will use it for silent reading at a later point in my teaching career.

The Jesse Jennings


  1. I love this idea. I too enjoy rainy days and reading- must be an English major thing. I think using this site in the classroom is a great idea! My sister did a study once on the effects music has on students' success. I think it would be interesting to see if the "rain" is less distracting than other songs. Something to try, for sure!

  2. I had never heard about this website, but just checked it out after reading your blog. I, too, love rainy days and could see myself using this in my classroom as well! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This website was so neat! Now, even when it's not raining I can experience the comforting feeling of rain drops outside and snuggle up with a book then go outside and enjoy the real weather! Cool find.