Wednesday, March 28, 2012

20 Shot Film vs Free Film

After completing our 20 Shot Film project, I have a few reflections that deal with the freedom of the project and time constraints. In a high school classroom, I would naturally give the class more time for this project, but since I have never used this project in a high school classroom, I am unsure of how long it would take. I feel as if there ought to be a larger unit on film techniques as well, showing the students things about backlighting.

I would love to use this project in a unit plan on visual literacy, but I would also prefer to give the students more freedom with the project. I think the students may be able to develop their ideas more by doing a film with more than 20 shots, and allowing the students to use editing software would develop their understanding of the creation of films.

The Jesse Jennings


  1. I agree with you Jesse. I enjoyed the project, but I don't know about the mandatory 20. I think that the teacher can emphasize the preparation and allow for editing. If students are told to turn in their preparation, the editing is an extra rather than a crutch.

  2. I have sat around, and I can honestly see both sides and all the pros and cons and stuff

  3. Are you both saying that you found the 20 limit frustrating? I can understand that, but is there another way to make sure people have the same template to work within? Maybe give a 3 minute limit. I'm not married to 20 shots, but I just thought it was the easiest way to give everyone the same parameters to work within.

    Are there other freedoms, Jesse? I'd be very interested in hearing about them.