Sunday, March 11, 2012

I was recently chatting with my brother and a few friends, half paying attention, half singing the cake song, but eventually I noticed they were discussing a site that I remained unfamiliar with, Linkedin. The site is free, but features a premium type of account that you can pay for, giving you additional features. From what I can tell the website remains a professional version of facebook. In class we discussed keeping a professional facebook and a personal facebook, but I find this site to be a better option.

Creating a profile on the site focuses on career related questions. You throw things on there such as previous job and educational experiences, various skills, etc. A profile from Linkedin ideally remains a combination between a digital resume and a social networking site. I know this tool may not be used in the classroom, but it remains a strong way to maintain professional contacts that one may make at conferences. Although, I suppose the site may not have much practical use until one actually graduates though, but still I found this site to be rather interesting.

The Jesse Jennings

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  1. I am actually on this site and have found it to be a very helpful way to connect with those that I would not have wanted to be "friends" with through my personal Facebook, such as professors/faculty at SRU. I now have made my Facebook a little more professional, but still find LinkedIn to be the best, and safest, option when it comes to getting in contact with other professionals (or future professionals).