Sunday, March 4, 2012 is a program that emulates a smart board on a web browser. The program remains extremely simple to use, or so the creators assume. The creators assumed that the program is so simple that it does not require a demo. This is up for debate, but I prefer to read directions for using a new tool before aimlessly trying to figure out everything empirically. Markup does not require any downloads, all you have to do is go to the url and then go to whatever site you wish to markup. One needs to be able to take screenshots, in order to make handouts using Markup, but one does not need Markup for making handouts on how to use websites.

Another major issue with Markup is that I cannot type in search boxes. If I wanted to make a handout explaining how to use a website, then I could take a screenshot of the site, saving it as a jpeg or bmap. Then I can take the file in paint, and use the program to put marks on the image. This not only allows me to make handouts, but I can also use the images to make a powerpoint. With Markup, you are only given a url of the website you markedup-- so if you want to make a handout, you cannot edit the image as much.

Ultimately, I would not recommend using Markup. The site does not seem to save time, and is easily replaced by other tools that everyone already knows how to use.

The Jesse Jennings

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