Friday, April 6, 2012


Originally I was planning on writing something about roleplaying in the classroom to contribute to student learning, and how roleplaying possibly perpetuates one's empathy. But a friend sent me a webcomic with a unique format. Most webcomics remain rather static, where all the panels are on one page. But this webcomic uses one square panel that does not change, and you scroll through each panel, only seeing one panel at a time. The comic is called "Knite" and would go well with a unit on graphic novels, due to the fact that it gives students an example of a unique webcomic. The majority of webcomics are humorous, but this one seems to have a much more serious tone, which ultimately stems from issues in China's economy and environment.

Here is a link to the comic-- please check it out. The artwork is amazing!

The Jesse Jennings


  1. So this was interesting! I really like the concept of showing only one panel at a time, because you don't skim ahead and you take time to process what is happening in that single panel. How did you find this site?

  2. I agree, that was a really nice little comic. It's always nice to be able to find something nice on deviantart, as opposed to the majority of the crap most people put on there. And I've always been a fan of webcomics, some much more than others, such as Perry Bible Fellowship.