Friday, April 20, 2012

Process Based Theater

Process based theater has tickled my fancy, and I know I will be using this in my student teaching in the fall. When students study plays, they often merely read the play-- the teacher will probably show a few clips from various performances, but I feel as if many students do not grasp the dynamics of theater without performing themselves. Process based theater can work as a medium for developing a student's understanding of improvisation. Although, an issue with this is that many students do not wish to participate in process based theater, due to their own stage fright or shyness. I am unsure of how to encourage students who do not wish to act to participate in the activity, which is why Dan and I are incorporating a combination of flash fiction and process based drama in our final lesson plan. I feel as if requiring the students to write prior to (and after) the activity will allow students to better their ability to interpret texts, allowing them to see the world through different lessons.
The Jesse Jennings

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