Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mega Ran's "Language Arts"

So this gentleman who goes by Mega Ran is currently working on a multimodal project, which caught my attention. Mega Ran plans on combining several of his favorite things in a collaborative project-- using comic books, music, and video games to create a coherent aesthetic piece. Click here to check out more information on his project. Seeing how some of us are presenting information about multigenre and multimodal projects at a conference soon, I figured this project might float some of your boats.

Also note that Mega Ran is taking donations for this project, but I would not exactly call it a donation. If you pay a certain amount, then you will get a 'free' copy of his album and other things, depending on how much you pay. I am probably going to throw down some cash for this later this week, because it seems like a good cause and I am banking on the fact that the artwork and music will not be mediocre.

The Jesse Jennings

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